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Implants for Dentures

Hi, it's Jason Mounts again and I want to visit with you a little bit today about dentures. The way that those work for folks and some of the problems that people can have with that and solutions that we have to kind of help with those problems. For years, we've had patients that have been able to replace their missing teeth with dentures. It's nice that we actually have that way to replace missing teeth. For a while, those usually work really well but for those of you who have had dentures for a long time know they can end up having problems with a fit later down the road as things change in your mouth.

Well, what most folks don't know is that we actually have a solution for that to help hold those dentures in place better. Give you a better fit, more stability and also not having to worry about things moving around when you're smiling or talking or laughing or especially eating. So, I want to talk to you a little bit today about implants. Implants are a wonderful way to help with a denture to help hold it in place. So, the way that the implants work, implants are like little small bone screws they're really tiny. They're typically placed by the oral surgeons and what the implants do is, they drop down into the gums or into the bone there and with the implants, we leave a little small cap or a head the of the implant sticking out over above your gums.

So, what we can do with that is we can actually place snaps on the inside of a denture now whether that's a new denture or just converting your old one. Either way, you can actually place snaps inside the denture and when that goes on, you're not just letting the denture sit and rest on gums, it actually has something to hold it into place. So, it snaps it into place it makes it really snug, nice, and secure. So, now when you're eating the dentures not moving around it's not flopping all over the place and you'll have to worry about things coming out. It also increases the things that you're able to eat. So, before if you're not able to bite into a sandwich or a piece of pizza or even
corn on the cob or an apple.

Now with the implants in the denture is going to be so secure that you can bite into just about anything and it's not going to be moving around it's a great way to do it. It's a great way to add stability to the denture. To add retention to it so that it's not coming out and with this, you're going to see big improvements and in the way that you're able to function with your denture. So, if you've had a denture for a long time or if you think that you're about to have to go that route, it'd be great if you come in, visit with us. I'd love to talk to you about the prospects of maybe adding a different level to this. So, that you have a much better function with your teeth and much more confident in your smile and the way that you chew. So, if you want to come in and see us just give us a call. We'd love to visit with you and talk to you about maybe some solutions to your problems. Thanks a lot.
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