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Hi, I'm Dr. Jason Mount and today I want to tell you a little bit about Same Day Crowns. For years in dentistry, we've been doing crown and it's been a pretty good experience but we've got something going on now that makes it such a better experience. Now we do not have to do the GUI impressions anymore, so you don't have a mouthful of material and the other thing that people have always disliked it is the temporary crowns that you have to wear for a couple of weeks when the crown goes off to the lab, no more of that either.

With same-day crowns you come in, we do the same type of work on your tooth as we were doing before, but now instead of putting a temporary crown on there and waiting a couple of weeks and coming back to us. Now we're making the crown while you're here. What we do is instead of the GUI impressions, like I was telling you about, we actually have a really small, like a little wand, that goes inside your mouth and it just takes digital pictures of your tooth. It's kind of like taking a three-dimensional image of your tooth with photos so instead of having a mouthful of the gooey stuff, now you just have a few pictures here and there. That's how we gather the information to make your crown.

After we're done getting the digital impression, we're going to do all the work and you're going to get a chance to sit back and relax. You'll do that and we'll come back in the back will make your crown for you. We will design and shape it, get it to where it's really nice to get a very high-quality crown mate and then about an hour later you're going to come back into the room, we're going to glue your new crown on and out the door you go! The great thing about that is again, no GUI impression, no temporary crowns, you don't have to wait. You're still numb when we put the crown on and when you walk out the door that day the crown is ready to chew on.

If you'd like to have any more information about Same Day Crowns, I'd love to visit with you. You just give us a call at 501-753-0166. You can come in and we can talk a little bit more about it.
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